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FirstFit helps guide your movements with precision and, unlike other techniques, allows you to control the entire process to achieve unrivaled results. There is only one Michelangelo, yet FirstFit allows any trained clinician to reach an equal level of artistry and precision in their restorative cases.​

Address and prevent issues before they arise and enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing you have absolute control over every aspect of your procedures. 

FirstFit drill
FirstFit product

Guiding Forward

Even the most advanced pilots use GPS. It's not about lack of talent or knowledge, but rather a compromise to reach their destination using the best and safest route. ​

At FirstFit, we have a similar approach to dentistry. We believe all patients deserve optimal results and that dentists should choose the most precise and minimally invasive approach possible. 

Although free-hand dentistry may take you where you want to go, guided dentistry elevates the experience for dentists and patients alike and ensures esthetic, safe and predictable results, case after case. 

A team with a vision

Meet the team that makes FirstFit a reality. With a shared passion for transformative digital dentistry, we have built a tight-knit community driven by the continuous pursuit of cutting-edge dental technology.

We are an international team united by the common goal of developing products that promote greater clinical efficacy, control, and precision to dentists around the world.  Our team draws on broad industry experience and diverse backgrounds to create powerful and influential dental solutions for our clients.

The evolution of the SmartPrep® Guide

At FirstFit, we recognize that innovation is not an outcome but rather a never-ending and continuous process. This idea is deeply embedded in our DNA and pushes us to keep learning and improving daily.

These prototypes are obsolete versions of FirstFit preparation guides. Although none are in use, they are all more advanced options compared to traditional techniques. The satellite model combines the best features of past models to provide maximum control and predictability over your restorative procedures. 

Open Window Concept (not in use)

Parallel Walls Concept (not in use)

Detachable Cradle Design (not in use)

Cradle Design V1 (not in use)

Cradle Design V2 (not in use)

Cradle Design V3 (not in use)

Satellite Design (currently in use)

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