Deliver your vision in record time

Loved by thousands of clinicians worldwide, FirstFit is the only technology that guarantees total predictability over case results while radically simplifying the prep and placement of restorations.

Thanks to its disruptive technology and simplified workflow, FirstFit allows any trained clinician to perform restorative cases with maximum precision through the use of a unique software and patented prep and cementation guides.

Benefits include:

  • Deliver the results you and your patients planned for with maximum precision

  • Optimize chair time in a single prep-and-cement appointment

  • Obtain ultimate control over your workflow

  • Maximize your profitability

  • Boost customers satisfaction and referrals

  • Achieve unparalleled results

Here is how we make it happen

Planning and design

FirstFit Software

Our state-of-the-art FirstFit Software takes numerous variables into account to then suggest the ideal final restoration and preparation design.


SmartPrep Guide®

Bio-compatible and highly accurate SmartPrep guides are used to carry out the predesigned dental preparations. Think of them as surgical guides for veneer procedures!


FirstFit Handpiece

Thanks to its ingenious design, the FirstFit handpiece interlocks with the SmartPrep guides. It directs your hand to create precise, predesigned preparations with micron accuracy.


OneStep® Guide

Deliver the final restorations immediately after the preparations are completed. The OneStep delivery guide is pre-loaded with individual ceramic restorations, positioned to be perfectly seated in your patient’s mouth. Cement all units in a single movement.

Hear what FirstFit patients and clinicians have to say!

“FirstFit offers a new and improved experience for my patients and for me as a clinician.”

Restorative techniques have remained unchanged for decades - until now

FirstFit was born to ensure the replicability of your designs and maximize the predictability of your restorative cases. Start using the only treatment option that consistently delivers unparalleled results and an unmatched customer experience.

Average veneer proceedure time480 minutes90 minutes
Accurately replicate your digital design
Maximize the esthetic and functional predictability of your results ​
Control all treatment aspects through our guided process
Eliminate the need for temporaries
Maximize the preservation of tooth structure
Increase customer satisfaction 

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