From untouched teeth to mind-blowing results in one quick ​ appointment

Traditional restorative approaches do not allow dentists to make their designs come to life with precision. Discover how FirstFit's three-step process makes it possible with an accuracy of 50 microns.








All our designs are based on a few photos and impressions (or scans) of your patient's teeth – no previous prep necessary. We use the FirstFit software to generate an ideal smile design and, once approved, we outline preparations that bring your vision to life.  FirstFit cases ensure a near-perfect correlation between smile design and final results. 

The FirstFit Difference:

  • Designs are fully customizable by the clinician.​

  • Smile designs that are functional and highly esthetic.​

  • Preparations are conservative and exactly match the digital plan.​

  • The variation between the design and the final results is less than the width of a human hair. 


FirstFit is the only system that allows you to prep-and-cement in a single highly efficient appointment. Use our SmartPrep guides to generate accurate preparations and selectively remove the minimum thickness necessary to achieve the results you desire. ​

The FirstFit Difference

  • Prevent undercuts and over or under prepping to increase the durability of veneers​

  • Easily contour preparations to match final restorations and avoid issues with the path of insertion. ​

  • Create conservative preparations that remain on dental enamel to achieve a stronger bond. 


The OneStep delivery guide allows you to cement up to 10, single-arch veneers in a single movement. Considerably reduce treatment time, simplify your workflow and eliminate any contingencies associated with traditional prep-and-placement techniques. 

The FirstFit Difference:

  • Simplify the conditioning of restorations. ​

  • Eliminate the risk of misaligned units during the positioning process. ​

  • Reduce treatment time by cementing restorations in a single movement. 

Smile Design

A smile design is created based on the patient’s facial features, preferences and an algorithm that contains natural shapes, textures, materials, substrate, restoration thickness, translucency, and more.

Printing SmartPrep® Guides

SmartPrep guides are manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology as well as resistant, biocompatible materials. We adhere to the strictest quality control protocols to ensure the maximum accuracy of our cases.

OneStep® Cementation Guide

The FirstFit Onestep cementation guide is pre-loaded with individual ceramic veneers, ideally positioned to be perfectly seated in your patient’s mouth. Cement all units in a single movement.

What does all of this mean for you and your patients?

  • Replicate your digital design with maximum precision

  • Improved customer experience and case acceptance

  • Maximized customer satisfaction and boosted referrals

  • Simplified and fully-guided preparation and cementation processes

  • Prep and place in one appointment

  • No temporaries

  • No emergency appointments

  • Increased aesthetic and functional predictability

  • Total control over every aspect of the case



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