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At FirstFit Academy, we have developed a series of training options that will allow you to offer the best available restorative and cosmetic treatment options to your patients, boost your ROI, drive new patient acquisition, and enhance your patients' satisfaction. Better yet, you get to witness an industry exclusive live clinical case to solidify your learning. 

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FirstFit ProWorkshop is a hands-on training course that summarizes all of the steps you need to know in order to begin utilizing FirstFit in your practice. The presenters will explain all of the steps you need to follow in order to ensure success with FirstFit. Our syllabus covers diagnosis, photographs, impressions and/or scans, a digital mockup, a bio-functional mockup and cementation of FirstFit cases. The course includes a hands-on component where you will learn to use the bio-functional mockup and SmartPrep guides. In addition, you will witness a live case to fully consolidate all of the details that pertain to FirstFit technology.

Upcoming ProWorkshops

09:00-18:30, 20 May, 2022 (Europe/Madrid)

Madrid, Spain

ProWorkshop FirstFit

!Impulsar la adquisición de nuevos clientes y mejorar la satisfacción de tus pacientes con FirstFit!

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In-Person Course


FirstFit Expert is a hands-on training course that builds on the concepts imparted during the ProWorkshop, and consolidates your knowledge of FirstFit. You will learn from top aesthetic and digital dentistry dentists from all over the world. The FirstFit Expert course aims to widen your understanding of the technology and better prepare you to assist a variety of patients.

Over the course of two days, you will gain the skills you need to work with complex and multidisciplinary veneer cases. We will discuss concepts like facial flow, slow dentistry, dentistry based on emotions, advanced management of digital techniques, professional photography, integrative facial management for smile design, management of complex clinical cases, updated parameters for adhesion and cementation of veneers and more. In addition, you will gain hands-on practice in dental photography, intra-oral scans, digital mockups, bio-functional mockups, SmartPrep and OneStep guides.

You will once again witness a complex live procedure to consolidate all of the knowledge imparted.

Upcoming Expert

09:00-15:00, 17-18 June, 2022 (Europe/Madrid)

Madrid, Spain

Expert FirstFit

Aprende sobre FirstFit de la mano de los expertos.

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