3D Printed Guides to Deliver
Perfect Fitting Restorations.

FirstFit is a revolutionary system that utilizes innovative digital technology and a series of 3D printed prep guides – enabling the clinician to prepare and seat a crown, bridge or veneers in a single visit. FirstFit procedures result in perfect fitting restorations while saving vital healthy tooth structure all without the need for temporaries- eliminating one appointment from your patient’s schedule.

Single Visit Dentistry

  • Prep and seat in up to 50% less chair time than a traditional restoration.
  • Eliminate the need for temporaries.

Minimally Invasive

  • The 3D printed guides provide you with step-by-step guidance through tooth preparation enabling you to make precise cuts and reductions, preserving healthy tooth structure.

Practice ROI

  • Bill the procedure at the time of diagnosis leading to higher case acceptance.

Patient Experience

  • Maximize quality and minimize time be removing one appointment from your patient’s schedule.

Better Impressions

  • Fewer remakes due to fit by eliminating swollen gums and bleeding.
Treatment plan
Treatment plan
Seating Appointment
Seating Appointment
Provide single visit dentistry and eliminate temporaries from the procedure.

FirstFit Dentist Process

Standard impressions, or digital impressions, and bite registrations are taken and sent to a FirstFit Lab.

FirstFit software designer designs a prep for the tooth and creates a bridge or crown around this preparation.

Reduction guides are created to mirror the designed preparation.

A hand-piece snaps into the guides, directing the dentist in all apparent planes in the preparations and preventing him/her from over-prepping the tooth.

Then, as with traditional methods, the bridge or crown is seated.

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Fill the gap without sacrificing two adjacent teeth.


Live Emergency Free by Eliminating Temporaries!


Deliver as a simple all-in-one-tray.

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First Fit has revolutionized the way I do my crowns and bridges. My preparations are more conservative and precise, the restoration is delivered at the time of preparation. This means my chair time is reduced to make my practice more productive and my patients love it because they leave with their restoration and not a temporary.


Cyrus Tahmasebi D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

FirstFit: Perfect fit. Beautiful crown. One appointment. No impression. No temporization. Any questions?

George Freedman DDS, FAACD, FIADFE, FACD