What Is FirstFit Technology?

Don’t you wish you had more time in a day? How would you use that time? How many more patients would you be able to see? With FirstFit technology you can fit more time and more appointments in a day because this system is the blueprint for successful restorations every single time on the first try.

What is FirstFit?

FirstFit is a revolutionary system that utilizes innovative digital technology and provides step-by-step guidance using a series of 3D printed prep guides that allow you to prepare and seat a crown, bridge, or veneers in a single visit. In a nutshell, FirstFit procedures result in perfect fitting restorations while saving vital healthy tooth structure all without the need for temporaries- eliminating one appointment from you and your patient’s busy schedules.

Find out how FirstFit works here.

To learn more, call 844-201-6329 to speak with a FirstFit Customer Success Associate or email us at support@firstfit.com.

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