Veneer System Cementation Protocol

Follow these steps to ensure proper cementation of FirstFit Veneers.


  1. After lubricating the guides with an oil-free lubricant, follow the numbered guides with the indicated color-coded bur to make preparations in the mouth
  2. Polish the preparation with a red carbide bur and soflex
  3. Open the contact point with a 0.2mm strip band
  4. Use the firstfit delivery tray to try-in the veneers to check the angulation and margins
    ✓ User Tip: apply oil-free glycerine in the veneers to avoid friction during try-in)


  1. Clean the veneers with alcohol after the try-in
  2. Etch the veneer with porcelain etch according to the percentage and timing to the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse thoroughly with water
  3. Clean the veneers with orthophosporic etch, rinse thoroughly with water and dry
  4. Add a coat of silane in each veneer and let it work for at least 1 minute
    ✓ Optional tip: add 1 coat of bonding agent on the inside of the veneers but do not cure the bonding laying on the veneer
  5. Etch the teeth with etchant for 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly with water
  6. Apply bonding agent and ensure teeth surfaces are shiny and gently air dry surfaces of the teeth
  7. Light cure each tooth for 20 seconds


  1. Add a layer of resin cement on the inside of the veneers. Work upwards from incisial edge of the veneers to the gingival edge and keep contact with the veneers being careful to avoid air bubbles.
  2. Take your time to insert the tray into the patient’s mouth in one smooth movement while applying a light, continuous buccal pressure using the midline as a guide for centering the tray.
  3. Remove any excess cement at the gingiva with a microbrush being careful not to clean against the veneer
  4. Apply a gentle pressure with the plastic end of a brush ensuring you maintain absolute cervical fit
  5. Tack cure on the center of the veneer with a light curing tip for 3 seconds
  6. Double-check by gently tilting the tray that all of the veneers were successfully tack cured

Clean Up:

  1. Remove any excess liquid stage cement with a brush, always over the veneer and never go in the interface. Open interdental spaces by gently removing cement with a Ceri-Saw™ and maintaining complete control over the instrument while being careful not to force and not go into the gum.
  2. Cure each tooth for 10 seconds through the delivery tray and add a tack cure through the palatal side
  3. Apply glycerin gel on the margins and tack cure for 10 seconds
  4. Using apical or lateral movements, clean the excess with a lapel or a curette.
  5. Remove the delivery tray being careful not to twist or displace the veneers
    ✓ Once the delivery tray has been removed, detach the delivery tray by first gently pulling the left side then pulling the right side down and continue detaching by grabbing the front side. In this procedure it is important to have the bottom part of the delivery tray in your hands
    ✓ No excessive force or contact should be used on the veneers
  6. Cure each veneer individually a second time on both the lingual and buccal sides for 20 seconds with a curing light


  1. Open interdental spaces by removing cement with a Ceri-Saw™ and maintaining complete control over the instrument while being careful not to force
    ✓ Use an interproximal fine diamond or carbide to refine the margins and polish the veneers to a high luster with a ceramic paste and brushes

Download the full step-by-step guide here.

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