Unique technology lets you place
all veneers at once

FirstFit computer-designed, 3D printed tray technology enables the clinician to deliver a simple all-in-one tray of veneers at the same time, greatly reducing finishing time. The tray provides full visibility of the veneers and teeth so seating, angulation, and margins are all perfectly aligned.

Minimal tooth reduction for superior
esthetic results

FirstFit guides minimize tooth preparation so the teeth are reshaped to exact specifications for the veneers and the procedure is more comfortable for patients.

Replacements can be quickly produced

The digital files for the tray design are retained, so that replacements for chipped veneers can be quickly produced without a new impression in most cases.

Backed by an expert team

FirstFit Technical Support efforts are supported throughout the process by a team of professional lab technicians and cosmetic dentists to help ensure successful outcomes.

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