The next generation of treatment

FirstFit is leading the way to the next generation of minimally invasive dentistry. You benefit from greater clinical efficiency with the ability to prep and seat the crown in one visit. CAD/CAM design ensures a highly esthetic, patient-pleasing result. Best of all, this superior restorative system also delivers your practice significant cost savings on every case!

Better impressions

FirstFit impressions, taken prior to the prep, are consistently reliable. In fact, precise fit is maintained even if the patient moves. The absence of swollen gingiva and blood produces more accurate impressions and fewer remakes.

Say goodbye to temporary woes

For most patients, the worst part of dental treatment is having to walk around with an uncomfortable temporary until the seating appointment. And if the temp fails, you've got an emergency appointment to schedule. By eliminating the temporary, FirstFit eliminates these issues.

A perfect prep for perfect fit

Traditional freehand crown preparation leaves a lot to chance. Without a computer-designed step-by-step guide, there are a lot of issues* that can arise, such as:

  • Inadequate tooth reduction
  • Over-reduction of tooth structure
  • Excess taper
  • Inadequate build-ups
  • Indistinct margins
  • Excess gingival extension
  • Undercuts in the prep's axis

FirstFit patented 3D printed guides achieve CAD/CAM micron accuracy and click securely around the teeth, ensuring a perfect prep with no interference from the tongue.

*G. Christensen, Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 138, October 2007

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