Step-by-step video demo of a FirstFit bridge restoration:

75% less tooth reduction,
50% less chairtime

Traditional bridge treatment uses a 100-year-old technique that requires the grinding down of two healthy teeth and several hours of chairtime. As a result, many patients go untreated and those who can't afford an implant simply learn to live with their missing dentition.

Next generation, minimally invasive treatment

The FirstFit bridge system enables you to help patients with missing teeth with minimal reduction of the adjoining teeth.

Prep and seat in minutes not hours

By utilizing FirstFit's patented computer-designed, 3D printed prep guides, you can complete the entire preparation in as little as 20 minutes, as opposed to the several hours of traditional bridge prep.

Say goodbye to multiple temps

You can now prep and seat in the same appointment, eliminating the two temporaries required for traditional treatment.

A fraction of the cost

A traditional bridge typically costs as much as three crowns. FirstFit bridge system costs substantially less for both the dentist and patient – so replacing missing teeth can become a reality for all your patients!

Traditional Bridge

Completely grind
down teeth

FirstFit Bridge

Saves healthy tooth

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