Providing a Usable Impression

Be sure to use this checklist when submitting a FirstFit case to ensure your impression is viable:

✓ Full upper and lower impressions and a bite registration are needed to ensure proper occlusion and articulation.

✓ Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

  • Use a high-quality Poly Ether or Polyvinyl Siloxane such as Clinician’s Choice® Affinity inflex Impression material

✓ Use enough material to ensure the tray floor is not exposed upon removal.

Critical Surfaces include all hard and soft tissues in the restorative zone.


  • Restoring #3 – #12 = Ensure you capture #2 and #13
  •  Restoring #4 – #11 = Ensure you capture #3 and #12

✓ Use a properly sized tray to ensure all Critical Surfaces will be captured

✓ A sharp gingival margin is critical in getting the correct relationship between
the FirstFit restoration and the gingiva.

✓ If impression is inadequate we suggest starting over. Relining the impression
is not recommended as this causes rebound in the material and poor fits.

✓ Lab communication is key. We strongly suggest working with your authorized
provider to ensure success with your cases.

Some of the artifacts and defects that could jeopardize an impression include:
• Packing cord
• Deflections
• Voids
• Bubbles
• Pulls
• Drags
• Folds
• Torn margins
• De-lamination between tray and wash materials
• Contact of soft/hard tissue with the tray
• Unset material
• Inadequate margins

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