How to Keep Your Schedule Full

One of the main challenges all dental practices face is keeping their schedule full of appointments. Life happens. Patients get busy and need to cancel, or they decide to postpone their treatment for one reason or another. Quite frankly, sometimes the time of the year may be slow for the practice. We know how complicated it can get and how unscheduled treatment cases can get lost in the mix.

This post will walk you through how you can use the Treatment Manager within Dentrix’s Appointment Book and Chart modules to help you fill openings in your schedule. This feature allows you to search for treatment cases with your desired criteria so that you can view patient or insurance information and schedule appointments ensuring you are maximizing your production totals overall.

How to Schedule Using the Treatment Manager

Open the Appointment Book and select Treatment Manager under Options. From the Treatment Manager View window, you can fill in your desired criteria and can fill any gaps in your Appointment Book.

Here you can search your database to find a patient that is ideal for FirstFit. Need help with figuring out who is a good candidate for FirstFit? Download our restorative candidate chart here.

Once your criteria is established, click OK to generate the list of patients with outstanding treatment procedures. You can sort by treatments with the oldest plan first.

By double clicking any of the patient’s names opens up the Family Appointment List dialog box. The lower half of the dialog box shows the treatment plan. From here you can call the patient and see if he or she is ready to schedule. You can make the appointment right in the Treatment Manager easily.

If mailing a letter is more your style, you can also easily do so from the Treatment Manager by simply highlighting the patient’s name, click the Quick Letters button, select the Treatment Plan Reminder option, and click Print. You can replicate this process to also print address labels. highlight the patient’s name, click the Quick Labels button, select the label you want to create, and click Print. Highlight the patient’s name, click the Quick Labels button, select the label you want to create, and click Print.  It’s that easy!

Please note: By default, the Treatment Plan Reminder is not available in quick letters and must be added before doing the above process. To add that letter to your quick letters, click the Quick Letters button to open the Quick Letters dialog box and click New. In the New Quick Letter dialog box, type “Treatment Plan Reminder” in the Letter Name field. Type “dtxlm21.doc” in the Merge Letter Template field. Select the privacy request settings you want and click OK.

If you want to send out Treatment Plan Reminders in bulk, you can use what’s called the Letter Merge feature in the Office Manager. To do this, click Letters, click Misc., and then select Treatment Plan Reminder from the list. Then click Create/Merge. You can search the database for patients who fit your desired criteria and create the letters, mark Create Data File and Merge Letters and click OK.

Of course, if you need assistance in finding FirstFit patients, we have a team of support members available via phone at 844-201-6329. If you prefer chatting by email, please email us at We would love to talk through your current treatment plans and give you ideas for adding new patients to your practice!

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