A revolutionary new treatment solution

FirstFit is a Guided Prosthetics Delivery System that utilizes the latest digital technology to provide you with 3D printed prep guides and the final ready-to-seat restoration at the same time. The 3D printed guides enable you to provide predictable and consistently esthetic restorations while reducing the patient’s time in the practice.

Using proprietary CAD software, a designer creates a digital prep for the tooth in a series of prep guides while also creating the bridge or veneer to fit this preparation

This revolutionary system provides a precise and unparalleled treatment solution that allows minimal tooth reduction, removes the need for temporaries, and eliminates one appointment from the patient¹s schedule.

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Why FirstFit

Conserve more
natural tooth

Complete restoration
in a single visit

Improve patient
convenience and
minimize chairtime

Approve digital prep and
final restoration designs
before any prep begins

Zirlux Zirconia and
other highly
esthetic and
strong material

Bill at the time
of diagnosis

Fewer remakes by
eliminating blood and
swollen gingiva
from impression

Eliminate temporaries
and multiple try-in

What FirstFit Authorized Practices Say...

The FirstFit Guided System

Now help patients with missing teeth with 75% less reduction of the adjoining teeth than traditional bridge treatment. Prep and seat in as little as 20 minutes, as opposed to hours.
Unique technology enables the clinician to deliver a simple all-in-one tray of veneers at the same time, greatly reducing finishing time.

FirstFit Bridge System - Step By Step