Get Started Using FirstFit in 6 Steps

So you attended a FirstFit training course and successfully completed your certification – congratulations! You may be wondering where you should start before introducing this technology to your practice and your patients. At the end of the course, you should have received your FirstFit starter kit. In your starter kit, you will find:

  • FirstFit certification
  • Set of restorations
  • 2 models
  • Handpiece
  • Crown guides
  • Burs
  • Bridge guides
  • Practice marketing materials
  • 4 Continuing Education credits

Before doing anything else, it’s vital that you practice with the models and guides so that you feel the most confident in the FirstFit technique. Let us walk you through six simple and easy steps to make sure you are fully confident using our minimally invasive technology and can get started with real cases.

Step 1. Properly install the FirstFit handpiece in your operatory, using the provided coupler if necessary. If for some reason the FirstFit handpiece is not compatible with your current system or you require a different coupler, please contact a FirstFit team member at 844-201-6329 for assistance.
Step 2. Proceed to take an impression of the provided practice model and create additional test models.
Step 3. Using one of your duplicated models from step 2, proceed to practice preparing the tooth using the provided FirstFit guides.
Step 4. Once you have completed the full preparation, test the restoration provided with your patient education model onto your model.
Step 5. Continue practicing on your models with the FirstFit guides in your kit until you feel comfortable with the minimally invasive technique.
Step 6. Congratulations! Send in your first case impressions to any of our FirstFit Authorized Providers to begin prescribing today.

Check out this live patient veneer case completed by Dr. Ross Nash, DDS here!

Please note: the model provided in your starter kit is mass produced and may have manufacturing variances.

Immediately following the completion of the certification course, it is important that you continue working with your team in your office to inform them of the technology and train them on how it works so that they are prepared to answer any questions patients have who may come in looking to have this procedure done. Continue practicing on models until you find the right patients and until you start performing the procedure and are up and running.

When you’re looking for ideal patients, the majority of bridge cases would be ideal patients. Any time you would consider doing a traditional bridge, you should consider a FirstFit bridge. You should also consider a FirstFit bridge for those patients you may have considered as an implant patient who may not be a candidate for an implant due to not being able to afford it or for medical reasons. Any time you’re considering doing a veneer, you should always consider FirstFit veneers because they are predictable, minimally invasive, and much more efficient for you and the patient.

For more information, feel free to reach one of our FirstFit Customer Success Associates at 844-201-6329 or

Schedule a hands-on training for you and your office staff here.

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