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Getting started with FirstFit requires minimal training. To begin offering FirstFit in your area you must become an Authorized Practice. You will need to complete a half-day virtual workshop that allows you to experience the system, and to understand the innovative CAD/CAM technology behind the system.

Benefits of Using the FirstFit System:

– Increase case plan acceptance and practice productivity with shorter appointments and reduced chair time

Conserve PPE and minimize operatory sterilization costs with single visit prep and placement

– Minimally invasive procedure limits aerosols, reducing risk of transmitting COVID-19 for patients and staff

– Provide minimally invasive solution for single tooth replacement patients

– Improve practice cash flow and patient referrals by offering the most innovative technology

With the completion of the certification course, you will receive 4 CE credits, as well as a $750 FirstFit starter kit at no charge. The kit includes:

  • FirstFit Certification
  • FirstFit Handpiece with Coupler
  • 2 Burs
  • 2 Models
  • Veneer Guides
  • Veneer Delivery Tray
  • Bridge Guide
  • Set of Restorations
  • Practice Marketing Materials

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