FirstFit Step By Step By Appointment

At this point you have found great FirstFit candidates and feeling confident in using the FirstFit guided prosthetics delivery system. You’re ready to get started! We will take you through step by step instructions of the procedure broken down by the two appointments.

First Appointment: Take an Impression/Digital Scan
1. Take a clear PVS (Polyvinylsiloxane) impression or a digital scan.
Please note: Replace lost fillings on the adjacent teeth before taking the
2. Take a bite registration.
3. Complete the RX and send it to a FirstFit authorized dental laboratory. You can find a list of authorized laboratories here.

Second Appointment: Seat the Restoration
1. Remove the provided FirstFit guides, case specific bur, and
stone practice model from the delivered case box.
2. Soak the FirstFit guides in a small bowl of hot water for 20-40
seconds. This makes the guides easier to use.
3. Insert the supplied bur in your FirstFit handpiece.
4. Firmly fit the FirstFit guide onto the stone model.
5. Carefully glide the FirstFit handpiece horizontally into the FirstFit guide.
6. Proceed to make the preparation on the stone practice model.
7. Once cutting has subsided, remove the FirstFit handpiece then
gently rock and pull up on the FirstFit guide to remove from the
stone model.
8. Clean the cut area with water and compressed air.
9. Using the supplied restoration, test the fit on the stone model.
10. Once you have verified that the preparation is correct on the
stone practice model, proceed to insert the cleaned guide into the patient’s
mouth. Even though the preparations are minimal, we recommend using a
numbing agent to eliminate patient discomfort.
Please note: Prior to cutting it is EXTREMELY important to verify that the FirstFit
guide and the correct bur are fully secure in place.
11. Proceed to make the preparation on the patient, ensuring the FirstFit guide is still firmly seated in the correct position.
12. Once the preparation is complete, verify there are no remaining enamel tags that could hinder the restoration’s placement. If so, proceed to remove them manually and
thoroughly clean the tooth to remove any particles.
13. Fit the restoration.
14. Once you have determined that the restoration fits correctly, seat the restoration following the recommended cementation protocol.
15. After the restoration is seated, check the occlusion and take x-rays to
verify the correct adjustment.

For further assistance or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 844-201-6329 and one of our FirstFit consultants will be able to help.

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