FirstFit FAQs

Can I use my own handpiece?

No. The FirstFit handpiece has been specifically designed with the
correct torque and is the only one suitable for this technique.

The guide has turned yellow. Now what?

The color of the guides does not matter and have been proven to be bio-compatible.

What type of impression do you recommend?

Digital impressions and Clinicians Choice Affinity InFlex have proven to be efficient solutions for the FirstFit System although, any brand of polyvinylsiloxane impression material that provides a clear impression can be used.

Is there anything I need to do to the guides before using them on a patient?

We recommend submerging all guides in warm water for approximately 20-40 seconds per guide which makes the guides easier to use and more flexible. You should also verify that the bur is securely locked into the FirstFit handpiece before inserting into the guide.

Will the water get trapped in the guide during preparation?

No. The guides were specifically designed to allow cooling of the cuts while the water exits through spray ports.

The handpiece is not fitting inside the guide.

Verify the bur is fully inserted and securely locked into the handpiece. Warm the guides in hot water immediately prior to use and gently wiggle the handpiece perpendicularly into the guide.

The guide is broken, now what?

If the guide has a minimal chip near the handpiece entry point and the chip does not interfere with the cut, it may be fine to continue use of the guide. If the guide does break or is unusable, we will replace it for you. Most cases are returned with a duplicate guide – if both are broken, e-mail for a replacement.

How do you remove the guides from the patient’s mouth?

While holding it at the widest section, FirstFit guides should be removed by gently rocking it in a back and forth motion as you pull up on the guide.

What do I do if there is decay or fractures beyond the margins of the preparation?

Take a new impression and use the restoration as a temporary. Please contact us and a new FirstFit Prosthetics Delivery System will be provided to you.

I didn’t achieve the correct preparation, but the restoration fits.

If the margins are good, the restoration can be delivered. Otherwise, you can take a new impression of the prepped tooth and use the FirstFit restoration as a temporary.

The restoration is not fitting.

  1. Check to be sure the restoration is in the correct position.
  2. Reposition the guide and run the cut an additional time.
  3. Ensure that all remaining enamel tags have been removed manually and that the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any particles that may hinder placement.
  4. For crown cases, manually round off any tight fitting corners and edges.
  5. Make adjustments to the cavity side of the restoration as needed.

What type of cement do you recommend?

Please refer to the recommended cementation protocol for FirstFit restorations here.

What restorative materials do you recommend using?

FirstFit restorations are available in Zirlux Zirconia and other materials offered by a FirstFit Authorized Provider.

Have a question you don’t see on the list? Please call us at 844-201-6329 and one of our FirstFit consultants can help answer your question or fill out a form on our website,