Better treatment acceptance

Patients say yes to FirstFit! By reducing the number of appointments and eliminating uncomfortable temporaries, FirstFit offers significantly better patient experience and convenience than traditional restorative treatment.

Perfect fit every time

CAD/CAM precision and patented 3D printed prep guides ensure a perfect, custom fit every time, eliminating the cost and hassle of remakes.

No more temp emergencies

No temporaries mean no more emergency appointments for temporary failures.

Greater practice productivity

The FirstFit systems dramatically reduce chairtime per case. For example, with FirstFit, the clinician can prepare a three-unit bridge in about 20 minutes, as opposed to hours with traditional methods.

Strong, esthetic materials

Zirlux Zirconia and other highly esthetic and strong material options.

Minimally invasive

Computer aided design ensures precise preparations that remove the minimum tooth material while preserving natural tooth structure.

Better impressions

The absence of swollen gingiva and blood produces more accurate impressions and fewer remakes.

CAD/CAM without the cost

FirstFit brings your practice the precision and speed of computer-guided dentistry without high capital investment in equipment.

Get started fast

A half-day hands-on workshop is all that's required to become a FirstFit Authorized Practice. To find an upcoming workshop near you, click on Get Certified.

We help you market

We can provide you with tools to educate patients about the benefits of FirstFit and draw new patients to your practice. Learn more in our Resources section.