A tie between 3D printing and teeth preparation

I believe that dentistry is about to go through another major leap with the applications of 3D printing. For example, soon we will be able to print restorations as well as many types of removable appliances. 3D printed guides are already available for the placement of implants, but what may surprise you is that now we can create 3D printed guides to help you with the preparation of teeth for crowns, bridges, as well as veneers.

FirstFit technology uses a state of the arts software technology to not only design a perfect tooth preparation for the restoration that the dentist recommends, but also allows for a digital preview by the dentist. So before even touching the tooth, the dentist can envision the exact preparation of the tooth or teeth. Once the design of the preparation is approved, then 3D guides are created to allow the dentist to prepare the tooth exactly according to the computer-generated prep. These guides are engaged by a specific handpiece developed for this technology that allows for the exact preparation in the patient’s mouth. What is even more amazing is that because we know what the preparation will look like in the patient’s mouth, we can then have the restoration already made to drop in, removing the need for temporaries.

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Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi, D.D.S., F.A.C.D

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