11 Simple Steps for Cementing FirstFit Restorations

Follow these 11 simple steps to ensure proper cementation of a FirstFit restoration.

  1. Isolate the prepared teeth
  2. Apply the phosphoric etchant for approximately 15 seconds on the enamel
  3. Thoroughly rinse the restoration with water
  4. Suction off any humidity
  5. Gently apply a layer of chlorhexidine
  6. Suction off any remaining humidity
  7. Apply MDP containing adhesive such as Scotch bond universal
    • Apply for 10 seconds
    • Air blow for 5 seconds
    • Apply for 10 seconds
  8. Cement the FirstFit Bridge using warm resin cement or composites; cement the FirstFit Crown with glass ionomer; cement the FirstFit Veneer with light curing adhesive cement.
  9. Clean off any excess cement and light cure the unit for 40 seconds or follow
    your curing device’s recommendations
  10. Polish the restoration
  11. We recommend documenting the final restoration with pictures and X-rays

Technical Tip: Make sure you do not contaminate zirconia with saliva and/or with acid because the phosphate groups have chemical affinity with zirconia

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