Why Switch

Live Emergency Free by Eliminating Temporaries

FirstFit is temporary-free, it’s minimally invasive…and it’s affordable for the practice and the patient. You’ll eliminate the temporary appointment while providing a highly esthetic, precisely fitting bridge or crown. FirstFit is the new win-win for providing patients superior bridges and crowns with maximum convenience and consistently outstanding results.

Features & Benefits



No Temporaries
  • Save on temporary materials and chair time. No emergency scheduling for temporary failures.
Minimally Invasive
  • With CAD/CAM technology precise cuts are made saving tooth structure.
Better Impressions
  • Fewer remakes due to fit by absence of swollen gums and blood.
Reduced Chairtime
  • Save money by eliminating the prepping appointment.
  • No additional CAD/CAM capital equipment investments are needed.
Material Options
  • Same materials you are used to, allowing you to continue to provide your patients options.

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