Live Emergency Free by Eliminating Temporaries!

Same great crown
you’re used to.

Some things just never seem to change. That is no longer true for crown preparation. For crowns of superior design and aesthetics, FIRSTFIT CAD/CAM technology is leading the way into the next generation of minimally invasive dentistry, with greater clinical efficiency and more consistently beautiful results than previously available. Preparation is more effective, with no interference from the tongue, and bad impressions eliminated; in fact, precise fit is maintained even if the patient moves.

Patients will love the elimination of the temporary procedure and you’ll love the elimination of emergencies due to temporaries. FIRSTFIT is the new first choice for crowns and bridges of high quality, natural aesthetics and long-term performance.

Disadvantages of traditional crown preparations***:

  • Inadequate tooth reduction
  • Over-reduction of tooth structure
  • Excess taper on the tooth preparation
  • Inadequate build-ups
  • Indistinct margins
  • Excess gingival extention
  • Undercuts in the preparation's axis
*Based on internal study
**American Board of Prosthodontists
***G Christensen, Journal of the American Dental Association,, Vol. 138, Oct. 2007
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Distal Guide
Buccal Guide
Lingual Guide
Occlusal Guide

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