Fill the gap without sacrificing two adjacent teeth.

75% less reduction
in tooth structure*

Patient demand is high. With over 178 million people missing a tooth in the United States**. This means there are millions of patients sitting in waiting offices around the world with NO treatment plan. Many dentists choose to leave them untreated because they don’t want to reduce two healthy teeth to accommodate one missing one, as required for a bridge. Many patients are never able to afford the hoped-for implant and learn to “live around” their missing dentition.
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Unlike a traditional bridge, which costs roughly the same as three crowns, FIRSTFIT bridges are substantially less costly for both dentist and patient, with approximately $1,000 savings to the patient. Unlike implants, FIRSTFIT is covered by most insurances and represents the most affordable permanent solution.
Even better, FIRSTFIT consistently results in greater preservation of natural tooth structure when compared to a traditional bridge preparation, while eliminating the need for two temporaries as required for traditional bridges.

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